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Skills & Techniques

We have a professional team of marketing executives who work to increase sales based on market trends. by applying creative ideas for business improvement & growth opportunities. passionate about delivering outstanding results & committed to setting high standards of performance. by creating opportunities for professional growth by developing ourselves &…

Vision & Mission

We are passionately dedicated to the development and production of the highest quality pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products through efficiency, innovative thinking, and research technology to provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution to the healthcare needs of the global population.

Quality Focus

We adjust and adapt to the changing environment and needs of our customers and constantly push our employees to maintain the global standard of quality and work towards raising those standards through continuous improvement.

Who We Are

The founders of Aspen Remedies are dedicated to the pharma industry since four decades, that is, since 1982, The owners Shri Shyam Talreja (D. Pharma) started his journey with the Pharma Industry,
We have an ample experience of the distribution network in the pharmaceutical industry.
Aspen Remedies is a pharmaceutical company that specialises in the manufacturing and outsourcing of medicines.
Aspen Remedies is a fully integrated, research-oriented pharmaceutical company engaged in the marketing of formulations (finished dosage forms)
Our ongoing mission is to foster a community for the pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing ecosystem designed to understand the challenges and trends of today while collaborating to shape the future.

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